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Staff profiles

Buddy Thomson and Lynne Bennett

Buddy Thomson and Lynne Bennett.
Buddy is responsible for the restoration of the heritage buildings, and oversees the other on-site work. He is also our chairman.
His partner, Lynne Bennett, is our treasurer, organises supplies for our special events, and fills any gaps she sees.

Pattie Brown

Pattie Brown.
Pattie has been involved with the Homestead for several years. With her husband Phil, she was previously caretaking here. Pattie is now our secretary.

Caretakers — Jim and Bev Chisholm

Jim and Bev Chisholm
Profile information coming soon.

Marion Montreal

Marion Montreal
Marion is vital to the smooth operation of the Homestead complex, but is too modest to want to appear on this profile page.
She called in for the 2008 Muster and got caught up in the history.
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