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The Story of the Brazier/Barrett Family

Information about the Barrett family displayed on a wall of the Boondooma Homestead musuem.
One day two couples arrived at the Homestead to inquire about their great grandmother whom they thought had an early connection with Boondooma Station. We asked her name. “Harriet Brazier”. We took them into the museum where we have a studio portrait of elderly Harriet and her husband John Barrett, another showing their son Charlie ready for WWI, plus several of their certificates on display. It was so exciting.
They did not have that photo of Harriet, and their photo of Charlie had a different name on the back of it. We copied our information for them, and vice versa. Much excited discussion followed.
John and Harriet on their wedding day.
At our next Muster, they camped with several newly discovered relatives, and were introduced to two more during the week. At the next Muster they gave us a copy of their latest research and a photo of John and Harriet on their wedding day.
Recently more of their relatives visited us to gain information, but they also provided us with their research which gave us unexpected links to workers we knew of from the 1850s.
A few more precious pieces of our vast jigsaw – and theirs!
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