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What's This?

Item: Barrel
We know this is a barrel, but what was it used for? It stands 38cm tall by 28cm diameter at the base and 25cm dia at the top. There are 11 staves, of varying widths, held by two metal bands. (Not heavy metal bands!) Two 2cm holes have been drilled, opposite each other and just above half way up the sides. In the base are two more 2cm holes. There has been a knob on the lid. The outside has been painted cream with a green trim – similar to kitchen colours of the 1930s-40s.
Item: Cross and Clover motif
The main room of the homestead is elegantly appointed. Decorated wooden columns are above the door frames, and finish some corners. Pictured is the carving above the fireplace. In the middle is a symmetrical turned “scroll”. The cross and circles are at each side, and the crosses are repeated on the top corner of each side of the door frames.
The Lawsons were people of substance, but, being Scots, would they have indulged in idle decoration? We believe the carving had symbolic significance, but what?
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