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Who's This?

The following is a list of names of people known to have been associated with Boondooma Station between 1846 and the 1920s.
If you have family connections with any of these names, you can help us add to our records. Please let us know if you have any information you are able to share.
Alexander, Robert.
Anderson, Jack.
Anton, Joseph & Wife.
Anthony, Peter.
Banks, Mary McLeod.
Banks, Harry ?.
Bailey, W.
Ball, Clarence Hazlewood, A. P., Isabella.
Bonfield, Michael Joseph.
Buckle, Charles William.
Burney, Robert Payne.
Barratt, John, Charles William.
Brazier, William, Harriet, Alfred, Charles, John.
Brell (?Brill'in wage book), Wilhelm, Eva Katharine, Valentine, Catherina, Phillipina, Theresa, Wilhelm, Theresa.(no2).
Brisbane, James.
Borton, Mary.
Brodie, Peter, Mary Matilda, William.
Brocksteadt, W.M.
Brown, ?.
Brundle, Jane.
Cherry, John.
Dennis, Henry. .
Dodd Thomas Laurence.
Dierfeldt, Julius.
Delger, John.
Driscoll, ?.
Dunning, William Henry.
Dutt, Christian Joh, Joh, Henry, Johann George.
Elbourne, Elizabeth Sarah.
Fink, Carl F.
Gassman, John Jacob, (also known as Gasman and Gassmann ), Elizabeth, Frederick, Susan, Charles Henry, John Jacob, George William, Richard Thomas, William, Ellen, Christopher Edward, David.
Generaski, .
Gilchrist, William Oswald.
Glover, Henry William.
Godfrey, Joh ?, Mrs.
Graham, Archie.
Grant, Henry.
Groom, John, Alfred.
Halloran, Arthur Edward, Eliza Maria. .
Hafner, Georg Sebastion, Elizabeth Emma, Mary Ann, Frederick, John, Rosanna Adelaide (Hannah), George, Emily Matilda, Christian Jacob, William Edward , Alick Albert, Henry David, Bessie May.
Hampson, Fred, Eileen, Leslie Frank, Cora Phyllis, Percy, Fredrick Ralph, Sheila.
Hetherington, Peter.
Horner, John, Magdelena Madeline.
Horton, William.
Hartmann, John.
Harth, John.
Hutchgom, ?.
Illidge, Thomas Francis, Edith Lila.
Janatzki, L.
Jeynes, Annie.
Jones, Charles. (Alias George Hillier).
Keil, Heinz.
Kendal, R.
Kipp, ?.
Klinghammer, Peter.
Knox, Edward William.
Lawson, Alexander Robertson, Robert Hazlewood, Charles Albert Robertson, Alick Clarence, Ethel Mary Alexandrine, Emily, Alice Emily, Edith Ada, Ethel Elizabeth Blanche Persia,
Lawson, Robert, Mary Ann, Richard Algernon Spencer, Robert Boondooma, Arthur Alexander, Maxine Blanch (Marion?), Emily Maud, Amy Jane, ?
Lawson, Margaret Frame,
Lawson, John.
Lawlor, Thomas.
Langdon, Susan (spelt on some records as Langton).
Lemke, Frederick.
Leonard, J.
MacKay, John (Captain).
Mann, T.G.
McCrossin, John.
McDonald, Mr. (of Cadagada), Mrs.
McIntosh, Mr.
Moeller, Friedrich, Herman, Anna Eliza, Frederick, Mary Ann, Sarah, Johann, Wilhelm John, Eva Catherine, Elizabeth.
Morrisey, ?.
Mossinger, (Mofsinger, ?) Adam, Christian.
Moules - or Moles, John, Mary Ann, Margaret, (nee Davis).
Mountaine, ?.
Munro, George, Hector, Peter.
Needham, Roderick.
Nowlands, Maria.
Ogg Charles.
Orth, Johannas, Casper ? Gasper, Maria, Elizabeth. .
Palethorpe Frederick, Robert Gordon.
Parry-Okeden, David, William Edward.
Penning, George.
Percival, Harold ?Chummy??.
Primrose, John (Jack).
Pheiffer, G.
Reinhelt, Alfred.
Ryan, Mary.
Russell, Henry Stuart, Sydenham.
Sandeman, Gordon.
Schmidt, Philip, T.G. & Wife.
Schroder, Anna Elizabeth.
Schwenke, Frederick Wilhelm (Bill), Hugo Gustaf, Ernest Otto (Jack).
Sexton, W.M.
Sinclair, Charles.
Somerset, Rollo, Hereward.
Springer, W.M.
Stacy, William.
Stein, Joh.
Stark, John.
Sutherland, Donald, Margaret Mary, John.
Sponagal, Anna Katharine, Friederich.
Strong, Samuel.
Stewart, James William.
Sturmer, Herman, Elizabeth, Johannas.
Trail, W.H.
Thompson, Joseph. .
Trimmer, Mary Anne.
Wacker, Christy.
Watt, John Brown, Walter Cunningham, William Holden, Ernest Alexander Stuart.
Warren Charles, Alfred Charles, Charles William, Charles Bernard Alfred.
Walsh, Christopher.
Webber , Johannes Heinrich ?Henry? (Weber), William, Henry, Mary.
Weigh, Nicholas.
Weisleit, Balsthaser.
Weise ?, George, Mary, Matilda Mary .
Werthwein, Christian.
Westhibein, ?.
Widdman, T.T.
Wieland, G.M.
Wills, Horatio, Thomas Wentworth.
Williams, Emma.
Young, John.
Zeller, John, Bernard John.
Zinn, Casper
Chua Chea
Yoy Eng
Geo Choe
Tan Yang
Goe Lit
Chua Soon
Tony Eng
Ong Seo
Tam Chin?
Uee Lie
Uee Lie
Yap Lin
Tan Tswan
Lee Hoh
Goe Ong
Chew Han
Tan Sioo
Gan Pio
Can Chian
NG Hwat
Gui Luing
Goe Chea
John Tiff
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