“Not another museum!”... “Seen one, and you've seen them all!”...

That is why each museum needs something that gives it a special identity; its unique reason for being.

One of the unique features of our collection is that almost all our items have come from within the boundaries of the original Boondooma Station. And, interesting as they are, their main function is to support the stories of the people of Boondooma Station.

Maps and photos on display in the Musuem.

The Collection

Two-bag Chaff Cutter waiting to be restored.

The collection of objects began when local families saw the restoration of the buildings beginning and offered items to the committee to display on the heritage site.

The items had been used by their parents and grandparents as they took up selections from the original Boondooma Station.

Most are everday items which bring back memories, and these families and their stories are represented in the tools and household items, musical instruments and vehicles entrusted to the committee.

We even have a few things from the earliest times – aboriginal artifacts found on Boondooma and locally forged tools and fittings. We also have a couple of tools that were probably used in constructing the Stone Store: a heavy shaped bar retrieved from the quarry about 1930 by Eddie Thomson, and an old axe-head found well-buried near the store – presumably having been lost during the construction.

The Garden

The garden is also Heritage Listed, with trees and grapes from 1850s, and roses over 100 years old.

Old-fashioned pink roses growing near the Homestead.